• Selling – When you have the same model with different architectural elements and or materials, we setup the rendering with the same perspectives and lighting. This allows you to create a "flip book". Click on the images above for an example. This a powerful way to display your designs and their different features and allowing the designs to speak for themselves… "a rendering is worth a thousand words"
  • Savings - We take your base model and setup the perspective and lighting that will work for all of your alternates. When it comes time to model the changes half the work is complete which allows us to provide you with great deals on these types of designs.


  • Once you become customer of Reflections, we have monthly special deals on all our range of services.

How To Get Started

  • Drawings are sent to us (CAD, PDF or paper drawings) for us to provide a quote
  • Free quote is supplied by Reflections
  • Once quote signed and returned with 25% retainer work begins.
  • Client is to supply drawings in CAD or PDF (elevations, plans, site plan)
  • Typically, in 3-5 business days a preliminary rendering is sent to client to approve materials, perspective, lighting and landscaping
  • Once comments are received the rendering is completed and sent to client for approval.
  • Once client is completely satisfied balance is due. Once received the high resolution image(s) are sent thru email, ftp and or mail.