Commercial and development projects usually always start with a site plan layout. These are the first graphics that a client, municipality or developer will see even before the design of the buildings. Color site plans give life to your layouts by easily identifying roads, landscaping, buildings, walkways etc. They help create excitement in your clients eyes. See below for how our 2D Color Site Plans can help you.

  • Selling – Black and white site site plan do not clearly indicate all of the elements that are present in a site plan. This causes a miscommunication between you and your client. We take your drawings and apply materials and colors to the roads, grass, walkways, water, building roofs as well as 3d trees and plants, which enrich the presentation so your clients know exactly what they are seeing. Now, instead of miscommunication, you can communicate and express your design without confusion.
  • Selling – Usually, large development and commercial projects can cost millions of dollars over the life of the design and construction process. Your clients are looking for a presentation that shows the investment you have made to the job.
  • Selling – The final images are perfect for any type of graphic marketing i.e. Brochures, website, newspapers, magazines, billboards etc. All imagery is sent to you with the highest possible resolution and are digital files. No matter where you are presenting these images you will be putting your best foot forward.
  • Savings – Changing materials, colors and landscaping are as easy as click of a mouse, allowing you to play with an infinite amount of color and material combinations and landscpaping layouts with little cost to you.
  • Savings – Revisions are as quick as it takes you to change the design. Many times revisions are returned the same day and most of the time within a couple of hours.


  • Once you become a customer of Reflections, we have monthly special deals on all our range of services.

How To Get Started

  • Drawings are sent to us (CAD, PDF or paper drawings) for us to provide a quote
  • Free quote is supplied by Reflections
  • Once quote signed and returned with 25% retainer work begins.
  • Client is to supply drawings in CAD or PDF (elevations, plans, site plan)
  • Typically, in 3-5 business days a preliminary rendering is sent to client to approve materials, perspective, lighting and landscaping
  • Once comments are received the rendering is completed and sent to client for approval.
  • Once client is completely satisfied balance is due. Once received the high resolution image(s) are sent thru email, ftp and or mail.